Tools For Affiliate Marketing

Tools We Need For Affiliate Marketing

Digital Products are different from physical products as you don’t need a physical stock, and you transmit them electronically, this is why they are so popular.

0HTML21 280x210 Tools For Affiliate MarketingThey can be:

  • e-books or reports
  • e-courses
  • videos
  • audios
  • interviews
  • webinars
  • software packages
  • scripts
  • graphics
  • newsletters

The beauty of selling Digital Products is that you don’t need big investments up front, but you definitely need some good tools to work with. Even for the tools, you can get them gradually, and there are free or paid versions, so you have choices.

I give you a minimum list and I specify when a software package is FREE or PAID.

Note: I attach some links to make your life easier, but if you have a substitute with a product you know, trust, and has the same requested parameters, be free to use it.

My links are useful especially for the people who are using that software for the first time. Example: if you go on Google and search “free HTML editors”, you will get a list of minimum 1000 sites to choose from, and it will be hard to decide which one to pick up. The one I recommend, I know and use myself and this can be an important element of trust in your decision.

For Affiliate Marketing we need:

  • A PayPal Account. This software will manage the money coming in and out for you. It is used in USA and internationaly. It is FREE to open an account, but you pay a small fee for the money coming in. They have 4 types of accounts:
    • Personal
    • Premier – this is the type I use
    • Business – it is a Premier account plus multi-user access
    • Student – has some restrictions
  • A WYSIWYG editor, HTML Editor. There are a lot of good HTML Editors, and the majority are FREE , choose from:
    • Nvu FREE, this is my favorite if I need to create and maintain HTML pages
    • KompozerFREE, very easy to use good for novice
  • Buy a domain name, again a lot of choices,
  • Host for your domain, which must have: cPanel, MySQL, Fantastico utility, I use HostGator with a baby croc account It is a reliable Website hosting and I am happy with them, they have excellent support and a useful Newsletter, $9.75 per month
  • FTP software client to transport files from your PC to Host, you can use:
    • FileZila client is FREE and very easy to use
    • Smart FTP client it was free when I started but now is $36.95, one time payment
  • An Autoresponder account to handle your lists, broadcasting messages, follow-ups, web forms and so on.
    • aWeber which has a deliverability over 95%, protect you from spam, this is the one used by all pros, the cost per month vary based on the number of people in your list (the range is $19 for a list of 0-500, and go up to $149 for a list of 10,000-25,000, the price is per month). aWeber is excellence but because has so many features it is not very easy to use, it is a learning curve, but in a long run will save you a great deal of time. They have learning tools – great live webinars, news letters, I learn a lot from them
    • Get Response is $18 per month. The general wisdom is to have both autoresponders, but not from the beginning
  • Software for graphics:
    • GIMP is FREE,
    • Paint Shop Pro
    • Photoshop (expensive),
    • Corel Photo-Paint (paid as well)

Note 1: I encourage you the use the free software with 2 exceptions.

The most important are the host and the autoresponder, for those two I suggest to go with the best possible.

If you need to design a Blog or any other type of site, I recommend 2 choices:

  • WordPress platform, but use your own domain or
  • xSitePro which is an incredibly powerful, full-blown web site development tool, great for all user levels from beginners to advanced web site designers.

You will find the PDF format at: or go to the page:eCoursePDF on this blog.

Next post will be about List Building Concept.

Until next time be well.


Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.
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