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0Img11 Writing Content On your Blog We already establish that content is the king, and we have to keep the Blogs up-to-date, write frequently, and this is a way of getting constant traffic to our Blogs.

Blogging has truly revolutionized the way we communicate, it seems no limit to what we can do with the help of blogs.

We can communicate:

  • The smallest aspect of your daily personal life like recording journal entries
  • Talk about our dreams, projects
  • Communicate with competition
  • Engage in discussion, debates: customers, sellers, curious people, gurus, and novice; all of them can use the blogging platform to the same extend
  • Branding our business
  • Erase any differences and obstacle between people – this is huge and very appealing aspect of blogging
  • The sky is the limit

More tips for blogging:

  1. It is recommended to start some of discussions yourself, this is how you will find what the competition is thinking, doing, and make the buzz go around about what you are doing it
  2. Do a lot of surveys to find out the interests of your readers, it is priceless
  3. In this blog, the posts with a lot of comments were the ones I created as a response of a reader request/question, so…
  4. You always respond to your readers
  5. Don’t be shy, you can earn some money while blogging, it is nothing wrong about this, it is an interesting and attractive aspect of this platform. If you blog well enough for people to come and read it, you earn good chances of making quick money, by just going about your daily activity of posting blogs. Do you know other platform which will offer you an equal chance? I don’t!

What to do to make sure that your blogging activities get rewarded by more than just comments, compliments, and backlinks?

You could get yourself registered with a search engines. But keep in mind that you must do it only if you are confident enough that your blog gets good traffic. That way, the higher the ranking your blog achieves, the more you get paid.

While writing your blogs you also need to keep in mind your blog readership can increase so that the ranking of your blog with search engines go higher.

Here are a few tips that should get you through this:

  • Keywords: Using the keywords of your posts frequently increases the search ability of that particular article of yours which in turn leads more people to visit your blog
  • Post Title: A catchy post title or headline is recommended. It can glue a reader to your post almost immediately. However, avoid misleading post titles, or you will lose creditability
  • Reader Friendly Content: This is the basic rule in marketing. At all costs keep your content reader friendly that should keep more and more readers interested. Your reader must feel that he is gaining something out of reading your post
  • Worthwhile: Never let the reader feel that he has been tricked into reading your articles or clicking on your blog link. You are blow away all your long term chances of that reader coming back to your blog, in which case your blog rankings will suffer
  • No errors: If you can, proof read your blog. A small typo here and there can be understood, but make sure you don’t make any major errors
  • KISS = Keep It Short and Simple. This is an essential rule. Your blog will be much more appreciated if you put your thoughts simply and shortly. Make sure you put your thought clearly before the readers so that it does not become tedious for them to read
  • Interesting: This is a subject mater, but make sure that you hold your reader’s attention by making your posts to point immediately in the course of your article. Your articles must not be written in a tone that is tiring to read. Write using short sentences and keep them crisp and precise
  • Colloquialism: it is great to write in a friendly tone, but avoid using too many slang words

So, be consistent with your blog content and watch traffic growing to your blog!
To complement my article, I’ll give you 3 good sources of inspiration about writing content on Blogs:
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Until next time be well

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