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What is a Blog we already know, but why are Blogs so popular nowadays? A Blog is a Journal. A place where you put your personal thoughts, ideas, knowledge, in a conversational mode, as you sit across the table with an old friend and just tell him what you have in mind.

Blogs are:

  • Perfect tools for blooming your creativity
  • They act as communication tools connecting, educating, and influencing people
  • All of them but especial WordPress has a multitude of functionality
  • Professional Bloggers build a business, an on-line asset which produces a full-time income from their Blog(s), and they manage their Blog(s) like a business.

What makes Blogs different from any websites of Web 1.0 generation? It is important to know as it helps you to develop the right mindset about Blogging:

  • Posts on Blogs are listed chronologically, last in the top, in a journalistic style. They are also store by categories which make them very easy to retrieve
  • In Blogs is easy to add new content, if you can write a letter using Word, you can Blog, cannot get simpler than that
  • Being easy to add content is easy to update frequently, Blogs are more up-to-date vs. Web 1.0 websites which are static
  • On Blogs interaction is a breath as they allow people to leave comments
  • The conversational nature of Blogs make people trust Blogs more than old type websites
  • Blogs in your domains allow affiliate links, which are not welcome in a lot of sites and environments as forum, ezine, even some websites

WordPress is a Blogging platform and a Content Management System (CMS).
It is not the single Blogging Platform or CMS, but the huge popularity of WordPress is coming from the following features:

  • It is FREE
  • It is Open Source, people as you and me can add functionality to WordPress adding our themes, plug-ins, widgets
  • It contains over 4,400 plug-ins, they add a huge functionality, flexibility, and creativity
  • Now Multiple Users extension (MU); is relatively new but is adding even more Web 2.0 functionality. We go now from individual users to:
    o   niche groups
    o   tribes which are communities with same interests
    o   companies as well
  • It is a platform easy to use with the low level of restrictions
  • WP is the single Blog Platform which let you create Blogs on your own domain. This is huge advantage for Affiliate Marketing.

The success fires up the imaginations of entrepreneurs. There are other platform easy to use but the difference is the number of restrictions on those platforms. Some of them are good for a non-technical person or a limited purposes, but a solid technical individual always closes WordPress and/or WP-MU.

What I notice in the last 2 years is the multitude of ways people start to use WordPress.

  1. We use WP as a Blogging Platform
  2. Some uses WP to create Websites, if you block the comment feature, and use your own domain, you really have a Website. Why people will use WP to create Websites? The answer:
    o   WP is a great system of organizing data for a Website
    o   The plug-ins which provide a huge functionality. The work behind the scene which is already done, tested, and implemented for you is a big plus of WordPress
  3. Create Membership sites – this is again a great advantage of WP functionality, it is a little more work up front but is possible to do it and the easy maintenance will compensate you for the hard work at the set up point
  4. Now we have an extension of WP which let us create communities, it is called WordPress Multiple Users (WP-MU). This is an example of MU: http://crabbysbeach.com/blogs/

The conclusion is people started to use WordPress Platform for almost everything. Blogs now can be almost anything you want them to be.

Welcome to the wonderful world of WordPress. In future posts I’ll take one of this functionality at a time and give you details.

I think the new functionality is more likely to interest my readers, but I always look to the comments to make my mind about what is important for you.

I’ll come back soon with new products, surprises, and more posts to keep you up-to-date.

To your success


Some of the links in the post above are “affiliate links.” This means if you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission. Regardless, we only recommend products or services we believe will add value to our readers.
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  1. Michey,

    This post is a wonderful revelation of the WordPress Blog Functionality. As far as blogging platforms go, WP is as functional as it gets. Some folks seem scared of the power of this platform, but the way it is constructed, it can be as simple or complex as you wish.

    MU is the unheralded champ of niche marketers. Most just don’t know it yet ;)

    Loved this post.

  2. Yeah – me too I’m using wordpress for my 54 actives blogs with different niches.

  3. I’ve heard a lot about WPMU, but I didn’t really get it and hadn’t seen it in action until then. The Web is all about creating community, and that’s definitely a useful plugin for extending WordPress into having that functionality. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Joan Adams
    Twitter: moonvine

    This is such great information and I continue to learn from you! Thank you!
    .-= Joan Adams´s last blog ..SquidJoan – Creating Squidoo Lenses for You! updated Tue Oct 27 2009 11:42 am CDT =-.

  5. Great tips.I really enjoy your experience!Share some more opinion!

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