The Power of a Challenge

pic01 280x214 The Power of a Challenge It is probably the right moment to chat about the power of  challenges.

A lot of people like challenges for different reasons.

Some consider them like sports events, some just want to see where they are vs.  the competition, some like to learn something new, and so on.

In general the personality of a person will motivate the reasons of entering in a challenge.

Internet Marketing challenges can be trigger by the same reasons as  life challenges but also can inherit some specifics from On-line work.  We all know and witness how Internet changes our way of shopping, learning, communicating, and YES, thinking.

I participated in a couple of challenges, I am in middle of one right now, and I try to be honest and give you the reason why I love them.

For me a challenge:

  • Discipline myself to have consistency at work, follow rules, be within a system
  • In general take out the best of me
  • Motivate me and capitalize on the competition spirit of my nature
  • Like to have dead lines, a structure to follow, yes, I am opinionated but not a rebel by any stretch of imagination, I like organized work
  • Love to learn new things and keep abreast with technology and trends
  • Like to get out of my comfort zone and fight for ideas I believe in
  • It is a measurement of my abilities
  • It is for sure a method to brand myself and my work
  • An on-line challenge is a powerful way to advertise, build trust, create relationship with a list
  • Powerful way to gain extra money

With a challenge, do you need to be a winner all the time? It is great to be a winner but based on the nature of the challenge, the rules, the competition,  is hard to emerge always as a winner.

But I argue that sometimes just the participation on a challenge has a lot of merits and benefits. It will put your work on prospective, you will learn from mistakes, and you will be better prepared for future challenges.

Coming back to the challenge I am working on right now. It is not a new “sliced bread” invention, it is in the middle of a a very high competitive niche, but I have my unique approach. I want to create a model to monetize blogs for beginners. All the gurus pretend that they want to teach beginners, but as soon as they gain a ton of money they really forget what being a beginner means.

If you get in front of a beginner and flood the room with hype, you don’t help, you confuse the beginner.

If you just say I made a million last year, and you show the checks, but you never tell people how much expenses you have: out sourcing, employees, office and business expenses, software and memberships you participate, how much you pay for traffic, and so on – you misled pure and simple.  How many gurus you know who attache expenses in a sale letter? All of them are talking only about how much they make.

I was a couple of years ago in a seminar, in the class had 2/3  beginners  and a well know Internet marketer said that he had the perfect method if we invested $20,000  in PPC campaigns, we got a return of $40,000.

First of all it is not guaranty that the return will be $40,000, what if it is only $5,000?  The return is based of the niche, campaign skills you have and more.

Second, the double the investment is glamorous but how somebody can imagine that a beginner has an extra income of $20,000 to invest in any method.  That one was the last seminar I participated.

So in this very competitive niche in which exists a lot of demand but also a lot of offers, I consider that it is a need of a real model for beginners.

My challenge will take 3 months, I am in the week 3 now and I just posted a plan of my model which I will start to implement and test from now one.

So I am not losing time being obsess with winning or falling, I just stick with my plan and if you are curious, read each week my weekly report.

Until next time be well

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