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This morning I stopped by a Starbucks coffee shop to buy a big latte for me, as a lot of work was waiting me on my office.

I met Daniel, a college student from my neighborhood, a nice young fellow, who always had questions.  I was in a hurry, but until my latte was “professionally” made, I changed a couple of works with Daniel.

He asked me “how we make a profitable blog”. My answer was:

  • Publish terrific rich content with a lot of value
  • Then drive traffic, traffic, and traffic

I saw in Daniel eyes that he was disappointed with my answer, but I had to live and I promise an email later.

Now I am sitting in my tiny office, sipping my latte, and I am wandering what disappointed Daniel.

Driving traffic is not a deep down kept secret nowadays, he knows this, he learns in college about it. I try to connect the dots from our other conversations, and I conclude, that he is allergic to work “traffic”, he thinks that it is too big fuss about it, and it is too time consuming to do it, I think this is it.  To time consuming…

Well, how I can explain to him the driving traffic process, without to pronounce the work “Traffic”. Hm!

This is want I come up with.

Ezine Article it is a challenge place to be, they are:

Important note: Publish first in EzineArticle, wait until you are approved, then jump and post almost the same article on other ezine… 

Do you hear about the most effective banner exchange programs?

You can advertise your banners right now, in minutes:

Do you want to know which Forums I like the most?

Here they are, but please review the forum’s terms of service to make sure that they allow marketing on their forum, what king of signature box you can have (don’t tell me that I forget the alphabet order, because I put them in my favorite order):

Pst! Did I pronounce the word “traffic”? No! Didn’t I?

Then I’ll cut and paste that list and e-mail Daniel right away and I’ll  go tomorrow at Starbucks coffee shop again, I am sure he will be there.

Until next time, be informed


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