No Difference Between eBooks and Physical Books, Find Out Why!

I already discussed with you my disappointment about eBay banning Digital Products. Since March 2008, all of us have shrived to come out with new ideas,  loopholes, and we have been experimenting hoping to find out the perfect idea.

In this effort John Thornhill from “PlanetSMS” emerges as a clear cut winner!

What about turning your eBooks into physical books?

If the thought has never crossed your mind you should look at multiple advantages of converting your eBooks to physical books:

  • You gain more credibility. Yes, as a book author you instantly gain more credibility as you are seen as an expert.
  • You get more exposure. Your book can be seen on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, you cannot get better than that.
  • You have another product to sell on eBay. With the current eBay rules you cannot sell eBooks as digitally delivered items but you can sell them as physical products.
  • You can do this for your own product or for and PLRs which is sitting and waiting on your hard drive
  • You have another way to generate traffic and affiliate income. You can add links and affiliate links in your physical book, just as you would in your eBook.
  • You have another autopilot source of income as John’s system is 100% automated

If you think that is hard to create a physical book, and publishing it is even harder, think again.

John has created a video series showing you how you can turn an eBook you have rights to into a book in under an hour. This is amazing, isn’t it?

And John figured a way to sell via online bookstores such as Amazon, this is really the worlds biggest online book store, you face an enormous exposure, you cannot get better then being an author on Amazon.

And the beauty is, when a book is sold they are printed and distributed automatically.

Trust me, you will be very busy to spend money an automated system produces for you.
Good luck to you, and read to find out more:

Until the next time, all the best

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